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Cracking ALONG!

EPISODE ONE is up. We are working on Ep2. It should be ready on 10/30!

The Comedyville Horror on 10/21 was a blast and sold out. We had to bring in extra chairs! The only heartbreak of the evening was I forgot to get a cast photo afterward. Sad face. Here is a shot from the booth near the end of the show. I think they are all looking at me...(offstage). So, that counts, I guess.

We are gearing up for our second and final live show of the 2022 Halloween season this Friday night at 10 pm. We've tweaked the format a bit and are ending the show on a surprise short-form game. So the show is a blend of short and long form, the macabre and the silly. I CAN NOT WAIT.

Please email for reservations or visit Eventbrite for tickets!

PICTURED ABOVE (L TO R): Manisha Nabke, Julie Ferris-Tillman, Mike Durrenberg, Liam Richards, Joshua Stone (sadly mostly obscured), and Michelle Gilliam

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