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"Don't Look Back"

Recording Session

September 3, 2022, Notes

Starring Mike and Liam

Directed by Deborah

"Don't Look Back" was going to be the title but I don't think we used that phrase at all in the story, so ... I will come up something else.

We tried something new (newish?) this week. I was thinking of an old short story by Stephen King story ("Mrs Todd's Shortcut"). I had a paperback copy of his anthology of short stories, Skeleton Crew, that I devoured from to back in high school. I think I bought it at the used book store in Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, NC. I loved that store.

Anyway, out of the maybe 20 stories in the book, two have always stayed with me - "The Mist" and "Mrs Todd's Shortcut." I was thinking about the story and the idea that there are roads not on any map. That developed into an outline in my head of man headed home from work who takes a road less traveled to avoid traffic and has very frightening experience.

Mike and Liam ran with that and improvised the entire thing in nearly one take. I cannot wait to edit this one.

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